Flag Material Printing in Kenya

At HC Prints We Offer Quality Flag Material printing services at affordable price rates. Looking to enhance communication to your target audience? Don’t worry, This Flag Material Prints help your customers take your business or any brand serious.

The Flags are 75% translucent and when printed on one side you can see it mirrored on the other side. Furthermore if you want the graphics to be 100% visible on both sides, We can sew 2 pieces together.

The Teardrop Shaped banners come in various sizes with the minimum being 1 meter square. In addition they are different from other display printed stands such as;

  • Roll Up Banners
  • Telescopic Banner
  • Teardrop Banner
  • X-Banner Stands
  • Door Shaped display banners.

Benefits of Flag Material Prints

  • They are easy to mountt.
  • They are affordable.
  • Made from Premium quality clothing.
  • We Offer Affordable design services at only 1500/-
HC Prints

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